Marketing Tools

Staying relevant goes beyond products. That’s why we’ve developed lots of dynamic marketing tools just for you.

To help your business stay fresh, current and right now, we produce the boldest catalogs, flyers and images for your unlimited use. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for new technology to make running your business even easier. We’re proud to be your partner in success—together, we can give people the creativity they can wear.

S&S Canada offers a variety of standout ways to showcase your products, including customizing catalogues for your customers. You can also choose a catalogue that highlights a specific apparel category to match your clients’ buying interests.
Digital & Print Catalogues
Marketing Assets
You can stop wasting your time searching for product images and compelling videos for your marketing and sales efforts. Tap into our resources whenever you need high-quality content to make an impact.
Image Library Spec Sheets Digital Swatch Cards Our 2021 Best Sellers Good | Better | Best Our Families Guide Comparable Styles Guide Comparable Styles Guide - Caps & Bags
When you personalize your marketing and sales material, your company looks uber-professional. Simply add your logo to our already-designed collateral for instant credibility.
Custom E-Catalogues
Technology Resources
Integrate your business with our technology solutions so your special projects and company processes run as seamlessly and easily as possible.
Electronic Integrations Data Library

If you have any questions or need additional help, email us at [email protected].

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